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Tom, a Texas veteran, served four years in the United States Air Force. After an honorable discharge, he attended Auburn University until starting with Delta Air Lines as a pilot in 1966. He flew as a copilot for nine years, and then completed his career as a Captain. When Delta made an early retirement offer to its most senior captains in 1997, Tom accepted. At the time of his retirement, he was flying captain on the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to Korea and Japan.

One of the advantages of a career as an airline pilot was that it allowed Tom time for other interests. For a time he pursued competitive aerobatics, and he was the Intermediate National Champion in 1981. Like many Wise County residents, he raised cattle and other animals. He has been involved in public service in the aviation field for many years through his service in search and rescue operations, as a mission pilot for the Civil Air Patrol and is credited with saving 13 lives. Tom recently stepped down after serving 5 years as the Group II Commander which consists of 17 squadrons, with 308 members, and covering 27 counties.

In 1987, Tom was able to pursue a longtime interest in law enforcement. He graduated from the Criminal Justice Police Academy in Fort Worth and was awarded a Basic Peace Officers license. After four years of working as a police officer and after completing other advanced studies, he received the Intermediate Peace Officer license. Four years later, he earned the Advanced Peace Officer license. After 21 years and 3483 hours of specialized training Tom has been awarded his Master Peace Officer license.

Tom is licensed by the State of Texas as a peace officer instructor in both academics and firearms, and he has taught at the police academy in Fort Worth. His work experience includes work as a deputy for the county, an investigator with the County Attorney's office; work as a patrolman, investigator, Customs Officer, detective and as Chief of Police with different police agencies.

He has pursued advanced training in the law related to police functions, fraud and theft investigation, child abuse investigation, clandestine drug lab investigation, crime scene search, and death investigation. He is a Certified Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor, Drug recognition Expert, Forensic Hypnotist, and Tactical Observer. Tom has completed Advance Interview and Interrogation at the Texas Department of Public Safety Training Academy and Drug Recognition Expert Training with the Texas A&M Law Enforcement Training Academy.


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