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Tom's Family The Bishop Family has made Wise County its home for 30 years. Tom, Jean and Alex are members of the First Baptist Church of Decatur. They were married in 1964 and have four children, Sam, Laura, Bobby, and Alex. They also have seven grandchildren, Mackenzie, Rolla, Delaney Bryan, Nicholas, Kinley, and Alexis.

Jean is a lawyer with a degree from SMU. Their son Sam attended Austin College in Sherman and earned a law degree from Baylor University. Laura also graduated from Austin College with a Bachelor of Science degree and attended medical school at Texas A & M in College Station. She is now working as a Physicians Assistant. Bobby graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Electronic Engineering. He now works as the President of Texas Turbine Conversions Inc. Alex is a senior in Aerospace engineering at UTA. Tom and Jean are very proud of their children.

Jean served Wise County as the County Attorney for six years. She and son Sam are partners in a law firm in Decatur. The firm has general law practice, but Jean specializes in Social Security disability law and Sam's practice emphasizes personal injury and criminal law.