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An open letter to the citizens of Wise County Precinct One

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I realize your time is important and I will be as brief as possible.

First I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve Wise County as your Precinct One Constable for the past 3 ½ years and ask for your support to continue this work for another four years.

When I started as your Constable in 2009, I set the following goals: to develop a department policy manual that would direct the operation of a professional constable’s department and this manual is an open record on my web site www.twbishop.com ; to have a real office that was not part of another business; to institute a professional and recognizable uniform for the department; to have vehicles that were recognizable as a law enforcement units and not just a pickup  with a light on the dash; to have only highly trained and professional officers in the department; to improve the safety for travel on our highways by enforcing our traffic laws (thousands are killed every year by excessive speed); and to reduce the incidents of alcohol and drug-related driving accidents (far more people are killed every year by DWI drivers than have been killed in 10 years of war). I feel that all of these goals and more have been accomplished, but more work is needed.

I would like to continue the good things that have been accomplished and ask for your support to serve another term as your constable. I do not believe in littering the country side with campaign signs, so you will not see any of mine. I also do not believe in accepting campaign contributions, so this letter will be my only campaign expense, except for the registration fee. I believe in positive campaigns so there will be minimal negative comments by me against Mr. Hudson and you will see very little, if any, response by me to negative comments from any source, since I have an open door policy for anyone wanting to discuss issues face to face with me. I will stand on my record which is open for all to see on my web site www.twbishop.com. On this web site you will find a complete record (minus names) of every traffic citation I have issued, the Department Policy Manual, details (minus names) of DWI arrests and other arrests.

There have been some misconceptions about the duties of a constable. Some believe that a constable is only authorized to serve civil papers, but that is far from being correct. Some believe that Constables work for the County Commissioners and that is not true. They work for the citizens of their precinct, are commissioned by the Governor of Texas, and that is why they are called the “People’s Police.”  The people hire Constables and the people fire them.  Constables are the oldest body of law enforcement officers in Texas and were here before there were Sheriffs or Texas Rangers. They have the same duties and authority as any other peace officer in Texas with additional duties in civil process. They help maintain a balance of power in law enforcement.

I entered this office as a master peace officer with extensive training.  I have used that experience and training to expand and improve the Constable’s office in Precinct 1.   Here are some of the things I have done during my term in office:  patrolled over 150,000 miles; done hundreds of motorist assists, abandoned vehicle checks, highway dead animal and debris removal;  provided assistance in many accidents and fires; put cattle back in their pastures; escorted four different delivering mothers to the hospital so dad doesn’t have a wreck en-route; answered domestic disturbance and assault calls and assisted in directing family members to the proper authorities for protective orders; issued over 1000 traffic citations for excessive speed and other offenses; and arrested and filed 62 cases for driving while intoxicated (in some cases the drivers had small children in the car at the time of their arrests, making it a felony offense).  Twenty-five of these drivers have plead guilty, and others are awaiting trial.  I have also made over one hundred arrests for other offenses.  As you can see, if a police officer is doing his normal job, 90% of his time on duty is spent helping people, not writing tickets or arresting them, but if all he is doing is serving civil papers, he does not have the opportunity to really protect and serve the public as he should.

The current trend in our government is to spend more each year and ignore budget restraints.  I understand our national debt is around 14 trillion dollars now, and that debt will be passed on to our children and grandchildren.  Because of traffic enforcement and the serving of civil process my department has been operated for 3 ½ years at no cost to the citizens of Wise County. In addition, several thousand dollars has been placed in the county road and bridge fund. Most of our county traffic violators are from out of state or out of county.

Early voting starts May 14th and the voters of this county have very important decisions to make in this primary election and in the general election in November.  This is a year in which the citizens should make clear that they expect their elected officials to efficiently and economically perform their duties.  A constable is a fully qualified peace officer who can assist in law enforcement throughout the county.  It makes no sense to pay a salary to someone who does little more than occasionally serve papers.   

Please forgive me for the only negative comment I intend to make during this election. I believe Mr. Hudson is a good man, however in the 16 years he was constable, I can find no record of him doing much of anything as a normal police officer except asking people to come by his service station and pick up their civil papers while collecting his salary. If that is what the citizens of Precinct One want in their constable, then please vote for Mr. Hudson, but if you want someone who cares about and intends to protect the lives of our people and their children’s safety by enforcing the laws of Texas, then I would appreciate your vote one more time.

Tom Bishop
Wise County Constable Precinct one
206 South State Street
Decatur, Texas 76234

Tom Bishop
Master Peace Officer
Drug Recognition Expert
Forensic Hypnotist
Police Firearms Instructor
Police Academic Instructor
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor
Tactical Observer
Police Officer since 1987
Total police training and education hours-3483

Phone 627-6267 or tom@twbishop.com

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