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Law Related and Political Sites

that may be of benefit to the citizens of Wise County

http://www.meaux.net/cap6th/ Group VI, Civil Air Patrol

http://www.txdemocrats.org/ Texas Democratic Party

http://www.wiserepublican.org/ Wise County Republican Party

" This link will give you your voting precinct, voting locations, and other information."

www.oag.state.tx.us/ Attorney Generals Office

" Get the latest interpretations of the Texas law, by accessing the AG opinions section."

www.senate.state.tx.us/ Texas State Senate

www.house.state.tx.us/ Texas House of Representative

www.txdps.state.tx.us/ Texas Department of Public Safety

www.lawsource.com/also. American Law Sources

www.crime.org/links_nat.html National Crime Statistics

www.lawenforcementjob.com We have employment information on over 3,500 municipal police, state police and patrol, sheriff, federal,international,corrections, university and college departments.

Police Sites
" The police sites give a glimpse at the world of a peace officer"



www.tcleose.state.tx.us Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards